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Berger Graffiato
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Highly Durable Rendering Graffiato Finish

Berger Weathercoat Graffiato is a synthetic render cum finish, which can be applied straight to most fairface surfaces such as concrete, plaster, brickwork – both interior and exterior. Weathercoat Graffiato is a ready mixed coating composed of high quality exterior durable Styrene Acrylic Co-polymer emulsion and weather resistant pigments, with special graded silica granules. With this unique engraved finish, Weathercoat Graffiato is truly a decorative plaster and a superb finish, two in one. Weathercoat Graffiato is formulated with special type of fungicides and algaecides reduces efflorescence, resisting alkaline hydrolysis, and tropical fungus, algae and mould growth both on the surface and under the surface. Weathercoat Graffiato has a ‘Breathable Film’ those breaths out trapped moisture both from the paint surface as well as from the substrate. It has excellent Ultra Violet (UV) resistant and colour retention and adhesion on various surfaces
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